Toni's Restaurant Addition and Remodel

  • Toni's Restaurant

  • Arcata, CA | 

Pacific Builders was hired to perform a major renovation and addition at Toni's Restaurant in Arcata, CA.

Toni's is a local iconic 24-hour restaurant location along Highway 101. They have been serving locals and those passing through Humboldt County for over 40 years!

There is new flooring, tiling, cabinets, wall paper, along with a brand new addition, restrooms and handicap parking area... with many other details. The restaurant got a huge update...but locals and passer byes, will still be able to enjoy the same amazing food and 24-hour service.



During the Process:


October 15, 2018


October 31, 2018

Pacific Builders recognizes that the company's role in the construction process is greater than to simply build projects. To be successful, we must also work to strengthen our community and build long-lasting working relationships.

= Tony Lucchesi =