Willow Terrace Affordable Housing

  • Willow Terrace Apartments

  • Ukiah,CA | 

Pacific Builders began work this year on the Willow Terrace Apartments project in Ukiah, CA. Developed  by Rural Communities Housing Development Corporation (RCHDC); this 38-unit apartment complex including an administrative building, maintenance building and manager's quarters was designed to house the city's mentally ill adults who are homeless or are at risk of being homeless.

The buildings were designed by architect, Philippe Lapotre, to create an intimate space so people can hang out and feel protected.  Garden spaces will surround the building allowing a sense of privacy and community.

In 2019, three dozen residents will be moved off the streets into homes of their own and being part of a community with on-site services available to them.



In April of 2019 this project was finished and the grand opening/ribbon cutting ceremony took place.  It is now a place were dozens of people call home.  This was truly a great experience for us at Pacific Builders.



Pacific Builders recognizes that the company's role in the construction process is greater than to simply build projects. To be successful, we must also work to strengthen our community and build long-lasting working relationships.

= Tony Lucchesi =