The Tubbs fire was the most destructive fire in California History.

Photo by Matt Howard on Unsplash

  • Tubbs Fire

During the Northern California firestorm, or more specifically, the "Tubbs" fire spreading over Sonoma, Napa and Lake counties in October of 2017, devastation spread all over the region.

Having family in the area it hit me on a personal level.  As an employee of Pacific Builders, I went to the owners saying I wanted to help.  Nick and Tony donated supplies, a cash donation and the use of a personal truck to bring supplies down to those in need from the fires.

Our commitment to the community doesn't end in Humboldt.  We are committed to all of Northern California and making sure we do our part whenever we are able.

                                                                              -Amber Pollard-

                                                                                  Pacific Builders Project Management Assistant


Pacific Builders recognizes that the company's role in the construction process is greater than to simply build projects. To be successful, we must also work to strengthen our community and build long-lasting working relationships.

= Tony Lucchesi =