Burroughs Barn Remodel

If the casual passerby noticed the old barn behind the Burroughs family home, they might have concluded that it needed to be torn down before its imminent collapse under its own weight and years. Bob and Ann Burroughs saw something quite different in the 100 year old barn behind their Rose Avenue residence in Ferndale.

The Burroughs, along with their architect Thomas Bond, saw the opportunity to create a comfortable living space that suited Bob and Ann, while leaving the family farmhouse on the front of the property available for their son Darin and his family.

Arcata Volunteer Fire Department

Arcata Volunteer Fire Department Remodel 

Pacific Builders completed the new Arcata Fire Station, which was redesigned by Greenway Partners to better accommodate on-duty personnel and additional equipment. The facility was also upgraded to withstand Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquakes.

Construction was completed in June 2015 and the historic building features the district’s vintage 1,000-pound W.T. Garrett & Co. bell.

McKinleyville Ace Hardware

When the owner of the McKinleyville Ace Hardware began his search for a new, more efficient location, he retained Pacific Builders based on the company’s reputation for completing similar projects on time and under budget, as well as our experience in managing the planning, permitting, and agency interface issues inherent in this type of project.

Pacific Builders took responsibility for budget, design, agency approvals, and certificate of occupancy issues.  All permits, engineering, public fees, design work, and utilities were included in project budget amount.

Yurok Community Center

This building fulfilled a 10-year dream to return the Yurok tribe’s headquarters to their historic tribal lands along the Klamath River, and to consolidate their many administrative departments into one location. Rather than using the traditional method of hiring an architect, finishing plans, and soliciting bids, this client chose to request design/build proposals from qualified teams. Pacific Builders and David Pierce, architect, were selected from the field of seven applicants, based on preliminary design presentations, references, and experience.


Shamus TBone was already a popular barbecue and grill restaurant, despite being rurally located on Highway 36,  with a large percentage of their customers coming from the Eureka area.  When they decided to relocate to larger quarters in Eureka, they chose Pacific Builders to build their new building. 


Old Town Eureka now has this exquisite dining location— the Oberon Grill.  A handsome 4,100 square foot restaurant and bar space designed by architect Philippe Lapotre. The space features tile floors, a separate upstairs dining area and a bar crafted by renowned bar fabricators Wallace and Hines.


Pacific Builders recognizes that the company's role in the construction process is greater than to simply build projects. To be successful, we must also work to strengthen our community and build long-lasting working relationships.

= Tony Lucchesi =