South Operations Center, Redwood National Park

This Center was built in cooperation with architect David Pierce, and was budgeted and designed using a list of Park Service specifications. Pacific Builders’ challenge was to interpret those specifications in a manner that provided the best value for the developer and for the Park Service.

The finished construction represents the culmination of a 19-year effort to consolidate many Park Service departments spread out over an extended geographic area. This consolidation increased operational efficiency and upgraded facilities for Park Service staff.

Cloverleaf Estates

Cloverleaf Townhomes is a 36 unit condominium project, completed late in 2006. The project was conceived and developed to meet Sonoma County’s pressing need for affordable housing.

Pacific Builders worked closely with the developers throughout the lengthy Sonoma County entitlement process, and was instrumental in the design and approval process of getting the project to the commencement of construction.

These condos were designed to meet housing needs at an affordable price, while creating an attractive neighborhood.



Picky, Picky, Picky

Picky Picky Picky sells outdoor equipment and clothing from a wide variety of manufacturers. Picky Picky Picky's roots however, were in selling surplus military gear to the public.

The remodeled space is an updated and refurbished example of classic grocery store design of the fifties and early sixties -a surplus building, if you will. The facade is notable for its restored arch top storefront that floods the interior space with outdoor light.


Pacific Builders recognizes that the company's role in the construction process is greater than to simply build projects. To be successful, we must also work to strengthen our community and build long-lasting working relationships.

= Tony Lucchesi =