Almquist Lumber Company

Almquist Lumber is the longtime valued provider of hardwoods, cabinet hardware, and woodworking tools to contractors, woodworkers, and cabinet builders throughout the North coast. After many years in the off the beaten path hamlet of Blue Lake, Eric Almquist made the momentous decision to re-locate his business to Arcata in order to be in a location more convenient to his customers coming from Arcata, Eureka, and points south.

Chevrier-Hoey Remodel

When the owners of this home, who are graphic artists,moved from San Francisco to Humboldt County, they purchased their home in the Fickle Hill area for it's great views of Humboldt Bay and the sunsets beyond, the spacious grounds around the house, and the abundant work space for the couple to continue their work from home.

Murrish Market

The new Murrish Market, completed in 2007, replaces the 100 plus year old country store that had served generations of Hydesville and Carlotta residents, as well as drivers headed east to Ruth Lake and the mountainous State Route, Highway 36 .

Eureka Natural Foods, Eureka CA

Pacific Builders is proud to have been the builder selected for the long anticipated new Eureka Natural Foods Store in Eureka. Pacific Builders worked with the owner of Eureka Natural Foods and Architect Philippe Lapotre in planning the project, which allows Eureka’s primary source of organic food to offer a greatly expanded selection of food supplements, herbs and vitamins. The new store also offers an expanded deli and an espresso service.

McDonald Cook

The completion of the McDonald/Cook Building at Ninth and I streets in Arcata, is the culmination of a years long process that started with the July 4, 2001 fire that destroyed the old Arcata Paint Building that previously occupied the site.

Firewater Lounge

In the summer of 2009, we were commissioned by the Cher-Ae Heights Casino to design and construct an expanded bar for their operation with more room for live music events, sports entertainment, and a more usable and comfortable facility for their customers. Adding a bar in the main restaurant was also part of the equation, so that diners waiting for their tables would have a place to relax and enjoy the view while waiting to be seated.

Goodlive Remodel

The remodel project is comprised of an approximately 480 square foot addition and an exterior “makeover” of the existing house whick included new windows, siding, trim, and a new deck. The addition features a greatly expanded kitchen and laundry room with modern cabinets, granite tile counter tops, and an incorporated desk area that serves as home office space.

Cal Courts


The Cal Courts addition of 2010 was part of a continuing effort by Cal Courts to provide more amenities to their members in a very competitive local fitness club market. The addition consisted of the addition of a second floor exercise and weightlifting area. The first part of the job required an all-out effort during a ten day shutdown of the club to add structural supports, shear walls, and seismic details to the first floor prior to the removal of the roof and construction of the second floor walls.

Constancio Home Addition

When the owners of this home called the first week of October, 2007 and said they were ready to proceed with their 1800 square foot addition to their home in Arcata, all hands at Pacific Builders cast a wary eye at the calendar and the weather reports.

The addition and remodeling required that more than half the existing roof structure of the 3300 square foot home be removed to accommodate the new second story-all while the family, including the baby, continued to live in the less affected portions of the house.

Chastain 4-Plex

As new property for development becomes harder and harder to find, more projects are built on infill lots, including the Chastain four-plex project, competed in late 2007 in downtown Eureka.


Pacific Builders recognizes that the company's role in the construction process is greater than to simply build projects. To be successful, we must also work to strengthen our community and build long-lasting working relationships.

= Tony Lucchesi =